Yusma Sifwat

Director of Analytics and Data Science

Introducing Yusma Sifwat, a highly accomplished Business Analyst, whose expertise spans across a range of essential tools and skills, including MS Office, PowerBi, and SQL. Her keen analytical mind and data-driven approach are the driving forces behind The Viewlytics, where she transforms raw data into actionable insights, helping businesses achieve unparalleled growth. To delve deeper into Yusma Sifwat’s journey and expertise, connect with her on LinkedIn, where the world of analytics meets innovation.

Educational Background

Yusma’s educational background is equally impressive, with a BBA in Marketing from NUST Business School and a valuable semester exchange program at Abdullah Gul University, Turkey.

Work Experience

With an impressive track record of two years at a multinational Fortune 500 company and a high-growth tech startup, Yusma specializes in commercial development, strategy formulation, insights generation, KPI tracking, and data visualization. Her impact is evident in the remarkable results achieved for clients, where she has consistently driven an average monthly growth of 55% in viewership and a remarkable 46% increase in market share for their social media channels.

Director of Analytics and Data Science

As a Director of Analytics and Data Science at In Frame she oversees data analysis, monitors campaign performance, and work on insights and recommendations for improvement. She manages crisis situations on social media platforms and develops strategies to handle negative publicity effectively.